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2nd Annual Witmer Family Reunion

The Second Annual Reunion of the Witmer families was held Sept. 5, 1921 at the home of Ralph and Viola Witmer.
            There were about ninety present and all enjoyed the scrumptious dinner.  After dinner the men enjoyed a very exciting ballgame.
            The Pres. Then called order and the regular order of business was attended to.  Audrey Huleb acting as Secretary minutes were read and approved.  The treasure then gave a report of $4.92 in the treasury.  The bills were then presented, post-cards $1.55, knives and forks, tin cups and napkins $7.65, the bills were all accepted.
            A telegram was read from M.C. Witmer.
            Next came the election of officers.  All the officers being re-elected.
            Reve. Jachman then gave a fine talk.  There was no history given.  We decided to accept the kind invitation of Harry Lindecamp to hold next reunion at their home.  On the last Wednesday of Aug.
            A vote of thanks was given to Ralph and Viola for their fine hospitality.  The rest of the program was in chare of Leo Witmer, Mabel Witmer, Alta Witmer, Catherina Kilheifner.  A motion by Ralph Witmer and second by Leo to go back to the ballgame.  We then adjourned.
There were three births during the year.  A son to Mr. and Mrs. E.C. Witmer, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Geo Streits in Calfi, and a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Witmer and only one death during the year; the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Switzer of Mansfield.

Pres A.M. Witmer
Sect. Lena A. Switzer

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