Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6th Annual Witmer Family Reunion 1925

Ashland, Ohio
Aug. 28, 1925

The sixth annual reunion of the David M. & Catherine Witmer families was held at the house of Chas. Lindecamp of Hayesville, Aug. 27, 1925.  The business meeting was called to order by the President, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Bills were then presented, and a motion carried to pay some.  A collection was taken which amounted to $7.93.

Letters were read from Aunt Clara Diefendorf & Uncle Mart Witmer.  Uncle Mart suggesting that we call it the David M. & Catherine Witmer families reunion.  A motion by Lena Boyd that we call our reunion the David M. & Catherine Witmer families reunion.  A motion was made that the old officers act another year.  A motion by Lilly Kilhefner sec. by Ray Witmer that Chas. Lindecamp act as historian.   Lilly Kilhefner invited us to her house for the next reunion.

Com. to get knives, forks & spoons.  Lena Boyd & Mina Witmer program.  Com. Chas. Lindecamp and Alta Witmer.  A short program was there given Ra. Chole Witmer, Alta Witmer & Eilene Witmer and a talk by Chas. Lindecamp.  A vote of thanks was given Chas. L. & wife for hospitality.

Pres. Ralph Witmer
Sec. Aubrey Hulit

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